So Much Shtuff

beaume de venise

Originally we were set to ship all of our beloved belongings off to France and wait for it to arrive when we got there. This plan seemed great until the first moving quote was received. Twelve to thirteen thousand for door to door. Eek. I’m sure I could cut it down to at least nine thousand ideally less, but that would require a heck of a lot of work. I ran a couple other shipping-stuff- to-France requests and it all started to feel like planning a wedding where the business brings out the “other” book because it’s your “special day” and everything should be absolutely “perfect”. All I needed was to put crap in a box, put that box in a container, the container on a ship that floats across the sea then pops on a truck that drives to my house where I grab my box of crap and stick it in my house. It all seemed so simple, but incredibly priced. I then started to question my motives. Why do I have all this crap? Of all this stuff, what do I actually need? If we’re staying but a couple years, can I live without all this? What I really want to do is show up in France with my family, some clothes and the cat. Yet I find it so difficult to part with my long sought after Lego phone and my beautiful Eames Lounge chair. If I get rid of this stuff, will I miss it and re-buy it? I probably wouldn’t because it’d be too expensive. So, that’s when I looked into storage. Storage is a WAY cheaper option and also buys you time to figure out what to do with your life’s accumulation. It then becomes a lot easier to sift through all the stuff and ask yourself if you’d re-buy this if tossed and how much would that be? Cute, Italian barstools, totally re-buy, but super expensive means KEEP. Cute Danish bookshelves in okay condition, eh, they’re everywhere and fairly priced, SELL. Sturdy storage containers in fine condition, these things are typically suited to the current house and easily replaced, DONATE. Everything else, TOSS. I wish I were brave enough to get rid of everything, but I’m not that strong. It turns out I’m quite attached to some furniture, some books, my bras and my cat.

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