Fer Reals

I’ve officially changed my watch and computer to France time. Now it’s fer reals. Today we’re still getting through jet lag … still. For the first time since Thursday all three children were asleep at the same time, which lasted for approximately twenty minutes but may have actually been two hours. Minty is boldly testing the physics of glassware and tile floors. Experiment 2b has been the most spectacular involving a glass plate thrown as though it were a Frisbee. Result: amazing crash and another dish gone. Plastic plates are on the agenda for tomorrow. As a side note, Minty has tuned her tantrums to the tile by taking her Martha Graham side slide to the ground ending with head on the ground and belly exposed and replacing it with a more contemporary Jazz move that ends in sort of a crunch as to avoid concussion. Otto and Lucy played in the courtyard play area all day. They came in cold, tired and dirty; a total success for children under ten. They ran and ran and ran out there running from swing to digger (yes a REAL digger!!!) to lilac bush. Luke and Leia were finding all sorts of adventure to get lost in. Meanwhile I’m working out the washer and trying to figure out how to dry clothes in a fairly damp building in the freezing cold. My new friend the space heater is helping me along. Note to self, don’t leave the laundry overnight in the outside washer in negative seven centigrade or you will wait ‘til noon for the laundry cube to be hangable.

… and YES, Brent got all the bags in the Kangoo. It took some creative “napsack” thinking, but he did it. Of course, the children had to carry bags on their laps (Minty LOVED that) and the front passenger had to get in first followed by grabbing the final piece of luggage to carry on their lap. It was cramped, but we made it to the house. The minute the car started, all three children were sound asleep.

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