A Giant Chicken Nugget!

champagne friday

Everyday when Lucy and Otto get home from school, I ask them what they had for lunch.  In Southwest France, the kids take a wonderful amount of time for lunch.  They spend at least an hour and a half eating lunch followed by play.  In Seattle, Lucy had something on the order of five minutes to eat by the time she and her class sat down.  Her lunch was packed from home and she rarely had time to eat anything other than the nutbar.  The French school lunch was a welcome change to a mid-day meal.  Her meals usually start with a salad with vinaigrette or some small bits of carrots and chicken.  Followed by some sort of hot meal that is then followed by dessert.  Fresh fruit and a milk-like yogurt is generally dessert.  On this day when I asked Lucy what she had for lunch, she excitedly said she had a, “GIANT CHICKEN NUGGET!”  Of which she totally loved.  Doubting her nugget reports, I asked for some more detail.  Somehow chicken nuggets seemed to go against the previous lunches.  I asked her if the nugget had something inside it, say ham and cheese?  She happily replied with a yes.  And that’s how Lucy learned about Cordon bleu.

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