To Market To Market

The Samatan market is on Monday. It’s almost always sunny and warm with lots of people milling about talking while they shop. You can buy live chickens and farm animals in the early morning. Up until the lunch siren blows, you can get just about everything you need somewhere in the web of stalls. Today we needed a few things for some cabbage soup Brent is going to make for dinner. The strawberries from Spain are still coming in and are as delicious as they look. The French strawberries are selling as well, but don’t look ready yet for my tastes. We came across a bold looking tomato which had to come home with us based on looks alone. To go with it, we picked up some lettuce. Three to choose from, a bib, a frilly one and the one I bought which looks sort of soft and green. On our way out we hoped to pick up a baguette and to our surprise, we totally missed it baguette window. All shops were out. Coming back from my third attempt to pick up some bread to go with the fresh chevre I had in my shopping bag, Brent noticed a man in a truck unloading steamy, hot flutes [one notch bigger than baguette] to the bread lady stall. I pushed Minty in her stroller over there and quickly picked up a couple. By the time I had the bread in hand, they had sold out again. As we walked up to the car to ready ourselves for lunch, we passed two dudes with a large vat of wine and a hose. I’ve always wanted to buy wine off the back of a truck and finally seized my opportunity. We picked up some red. While we paid, guy number two hosed some rouge into a brown plastic jug for us to carry it away in. It was a good day at the market.


Strawberries from Spain