The Kangaroos Aren’t Hungry

It only took the once.  She asked in a kind, up-sell voice if we wanted the kangaroo food for a dollar.  Having three kids, avoiding the “let’s all share” lesson, we quickly grabbed three bags.  We saw the alligators (from America) the CUTE Koalas, the perky little Tasmanian devil and (at last) the petting kangaroo area.  Pre-paid food in hand, we dashed over to delight and woo the ever-cuddly kangaroos.  You could see it in their eyes before we arrived.  They were full.  Not interested.  Seen it.  Been there.  Done with it.  You’re just another crazy kid with puffed rice, so scram.  Graciously we pet the two kangaroos who couldn’t be bothered to move, no doubt from food coma (the otheres were in the kangaroo rest zone off limits to visitors), and moved on to the hundred year old tortoise.  I have been to the Central Coast Reptile Park before. Before the pre-pre-paid kangaroo food and the kangaroos were EVERYWHERE.  They loved us.  It was my favorite part of the park.  And so now I know, that magic time is over.  Cancelled by the grabbing of an extra buck on entrance.  So when Kyralee asks you at the entrance of the animal park if you’d “loyk to boy sam kangarow food?” … keep your money because they won’t be eating.  I’m sure this generalizes to all animal parks and customer feeding schemes.

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