T * Pot

There’s a new rule in our house that is: no children are allowed in the office unless invited.  The office has been “gotten done” and is now set up to use for our new farm business.  There is a tall, stainless steel table with a bar stool to layout any work that needs to get done.  Moments after the clean, flat stainless table was put in place, Otto sat down and began to draw.  Of course I enjoy each and every piece of  artwork that is produced by all three of the children.  Otto’s work, however (and don’t tell Lucy this), is to me, astounding.  Sure I appreciate his art through mother’s-love colored glasses, but if an art piece moves you, what does it matter of its background and circumstance.

His latest creation was a study on Tosca the golden retriever.  Tosca is also known as “Toss-pot” thanks to her previous owner’s daughter.  This quickly evolving to T-Pot by our need to reduce all names to their proper rap-name.  There were five drawings in the series.  Sadly due to a heated argument with his sister about something spectacular no doubt involving chocolate rations, going to the shop with mommy or who called whom poopy-pants, Otto crumpled the entire exhibit containing “Study of T-pot.”  Thankfully, three pieces were salvaged from the riffraff.  His study begins with a cubist influence and swiftly moves elsewhere.