Project CleanUp

It’s late.  Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids.  We have a toilet that flushes.  We have hot water.  But most importantly, we have internet.  Michael and his magic Munson managed to get the fancy-pants interwebs box working.  Brent and I bought some beds, so really, we can call the farm our new home.  We will be sleeping there imminently.  There is still a lot of clean up work to do and a cooker would be nice.  Who doesn’t love camping!  Scouring years of dirt, grime and Armagnac grit is no trivial task.  Thankfully we have help.  Lucy came out to the farm today to do a little work on her room which is directly over the kitchen.  After a big sweep and a few ideas on what to do with the small hole in her floor (laundry shoot or dumbwaiter), she gave the room a big brushy, moppy scrub.  It didn’t take long for her to learn that she could mop her floor AND the kitchen floor at the same time.  With a little feedback from me, the recipient of the soapy shower, she reduced her water usage.  The floors upstairs would be considered subfloors in America.  For now, they’ll do.

The Best Latte I Ever Ate

bugs skeletal bird or bat

We took the kids out for a day of cleaning and getting to know the new digs.  Otto was a bit under the weather, Lucy is recovering from a concussion (long-story-short scared the crap out of us, but she’s going to be fine and now we know where the urgent care is.) and Minty is three … so the kids hung out mostly in the library watching movies with occasional burst of distraction.  I did manage to get down to the tennis court with Otto and hit a few balls back and forth.  I think he has potential!

a tired lot

Brent split his time with the gentleman who is getting the hot water working, dealing with service set-up while helping me with the upstairs bedrooms.  The little animals, dust, webs, debris, old curtains and fallen posters of bedrooms past suggest a daunting task for cleaning so we’re taking it one square inch at a time.  A macro first pass followed by a detail is the theme to operation clean-up.  This must be the most satisfying project for that “nesting urge” pregnant ladies get in their third trimester.  I’ve never been more motivated to sweep.

man work

Michael, our friend, Munson’s keeper and the-guy-with-the-espresso-machine, was busy getting his temporary accommodation all comfy cozy like.  No sooner had I began resting my legs for a little pregnant pause when Michael rounded the corner with a steaming hot, well-pulled latte.  All for me.  I met the best latte I ever had.  I hadn’t had a one for a year.  The aroma, the flavor, the sensation tickled my inner yuppie presenting an uncontrollable grin.  Despite a desperate need for a haircut and my minimal allowance of photographic evidence during pregnancy, I allowed a quick snap as a souvenir for this moment.

pinky out

A Little Peek in the Before

sunned flowers

And so we begin. Brent and I are excited to move onto the new farm, but there are some details to get worked out before I (the pregnant one) and the children will be comfortable. Working toilet, hot water, stove, remove dead owl were I to name a few. This is not a “dream home” project. We are not remodeling. We want to get the place clean, equipped, free of nature’s wild kingdom and warm for winter. We are farmers, so that’s where the attention must go. A lot of before-shots have been taken as we marched our way to purchase.  Here’s a few to log where we start. I’m curious to see how long the rose bathroom will last. The tile is in good condition. I can’t think of a better way to complete a movement then a wash over the pink bidet.

The cooking and eating rooms are separate. The “Galley” is where the cooking and cleanup will be done. There is two-phase, three-phase, nan0-phase, heli-phase oodle-phase in that little hallway kitchen, so my dream espresso machine may soon be a reality with the many café closures providing a surplus of commercial machines. I hope one has my name preferably in Italian written on it.

The dinning or “Mess” is going to be warm and hold cookbooks and plates as far as we know. Brent and I tossed around the idea of an Aga or wood burning type cooker for that space which ended with a resounding – too much money spent to cook a Pot-au-feu. You can simmer a cheap beef stew on a wood burning unit that will heat the room more efficiently.

Birth To Hello Kitty

Glamour Girl

A three-year-old’s logic as shared enthusiastically by Clémentine the unsuspecting youngest who will soon be demoted to just another “middle child.”

Minty: MOMMY! You having a baby!!!

Me: Yep.

Minty: Hello Kitty is a baby.


Minty: You having Hello Kitty!!!! Yay!!!

First Day Of School


School began today.  Lucy was nervous the night before.  She started at a new school along with her friends who moved with her to CE2 (roughly American 3rd grade).   Timidly getting out of the car she slowly walked to the playground when a loud “LUCY!!!” erupted.  After that, girls were giggling, smiles were frolicking.

Otto was fine, great, couldn’t be better.  He marched into class and settled in.  He said he loved school and was excited to go, but that usually fades slightly when reality sets in.  This year, he was confident and as he said, truly excited.
first day of school ruby et nunu

Minty spoke of school for a few days.  She was excited to see her buddies and listed each one followed by “is my fwiend.”  Yet, little Minty, following a bold march up the classroom steps, quickly receded into a puddle of first-day-tears setting off a few other young ones with kindred feelings.

When we picked the kids up at the end of the day, they were beaming with smiles.  Everyone had a great day.  Lucy was especially excited because she is a bus rider now.  She gets on the bus first followed by a stop at Minty and Otto’s school.  When Minty got on the bus, Lucy yelled “Minty!!” Giggles ensued.

… a side picture

big zucchini

A friend of ours gave us a very large zucchini.  Lucy wanted her picture with it as well as a photo of her project: Baby the Large Zucchini.  Baby the Large Zucchini will be but cut in half, grilled and stuffed with mince for tomorrow’s dinner.