First Day Of School


School began today.  Lucy was nervous the night before.  She started at a new school along with her friends who moved with her to CE2 (roughly American 3rd grade).   Timidly getting out of the car she slowly walked to the playground when a loud “LUCY!!!” erupted.  After that, girls were giggling, smiles were frolicking.

Otto was fine, great, couldn’t be better.  He marched into class and settled in.  He said he loved school and was excited to go, but that usually fades slightly when reality sets in.  This year, he was confident and as he said, truly excited.
first day of school ruby et nunu

Minty spoke of school for a few days.  She was excited to see her buddies and listed each one followed by “is my fwiend.”  Yet, little Minty, following a bold march up the classroom steps, quickly receded into a puddle of first-day-tears setting off a few other young ones with kindred feelings.

When we picked the kids up at the end of the day, they were beaming with smiles.  Everyone had a great day.  Lucy was especially excited because she is a bus rider now.  She gets on the bus first followed by a stop at Minty and Otto’s school.  When Minty got on the bus, Lucy yelled “Minty!!” Giggles ensued.

… a side picture

big zucchini

A friend of ours gave us a very large zucchini.  Lucy wanted her picture with it as well as a photo of her project: Baby the Large Zucchini.  Baby the Large Zucchini will be but cut in half, grilled and stuffed with mince for tomorrow’s dinner.


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