A Little Peek in the Before

sunned flowers

And so we begin. Brent and I are excited to move onto the new farm, but there are some details to get worked out before I (the pregnant one) and the children will be comfortable. Working toilet, hot water, stove, remove dead owl were I to name a few. This is not a “dream home” project. We are not remodeling. We want to get the place clean, equipped, free of nature’s wild kingdom and warm for winter. We are farmers, so that’s where the attention must go. A lot of before-shots have been taken as we marched our way to purchase.  Here’s a few to log where we start. I’m curious to see how long the rose bathroom will last. The tile is in good condition. I can’t think of a better way to complete a movement then a wash over the pink bidet.

The cooking and eating rooms are separate. The “Galley” is where the cooking and cleanup will be done. There is two-phase, three-phase, nan0-phase, heli-phase oodle-phase in that little hallway kitchen, so my dream espresso machine may soon be a reality with the many café closures providing a surplus of commercial machines. I hope one has my name preferably in Italian written on it.

The dinning or “Mess” is going to be warm and hold cookbooks and plates as far as we know. Brent and I tossed around the idea of an Aga or wood burning type cooker for that space which ended with a resounding – too much money spent to cook a Pot-au-feu. You can simmer a cheap beef stew on a wood burning unit that will heat the room more efficiently.

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