Project CleanUp

It’s late.  Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids.  We have a toilet that flushes.  We have hot water.  But most importantly, we have internet.  Michael and his magic Munson managed to get the fancy-pants interwebs box working.  Brent and I bought some beds, so really, we can call the farm our new home.  We will be sleeping there imminently.  There is still a lot of clean up work to do and a cooker would be nice.  Who doesn’t love camping!  Scouring years of dirt, grime and Armagnac grit is no trivial task.  Thankfully we have help.  Lucy came out to the farm today to do a little work on her room which is directly over the kitchen.  After a big sweep and a few ideas on what to do with the small hole in her floor (laundry shoot or dumbwaiter), she gave the room a big brushy, moppy scrub.  It didn’t take long for her to learn that she could mop her floor AND the kitchen floor at the same time.  With a little feedback from me, the recipient of the soapy shower, she reduced her water usage.  The floors upstairs would be considered subfloors in America.  For now, they’ll do.

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