We’ve Moved


Long post short, we’ve moved.  It’s been nonstop fun and finally I’ve managed to grab my computer to put some pictures up.  It’s late and Brent and I are teetering on sick so here’s the pictorial version.

dropping a load meet the pups

We took a trailer and truck load out earlier in the day before we moved the kids.

zee houseIt threatened to rain but blew over.

kids the cat

The kids were snuggled in for their long drive to the farm and we even managed to find a spot for bug. See if you can find him in the above photo.  Hint: he’s circled in red.  After a few quick stops and a potty squat for Lucy, we made it to the farm. The kids fell asleep immediately while we unloaded the stuff.

mint asleep doop asleep otto asleep

Tosca settled in quickly.  I know it’s hard to see but in the below photo, there is a dog camouflaged on Tosca colored tile.

tosca colored tile

Our first morning at the farm was stunning.  Otto hopped on his bike and rode around with a huge smile on his face.  Minty followed along and Lucy played in the barns.  I’ve lost Minty at least three times either in the house or on the farm.  We’re learning.  Little Mint likes to wander.

the first morning

2 thoughts on “We’ve Moved

  1. Cyndi says:

    What amazing looking pictures!! Your farm looks beautiful. Congrats on finally settling in. Its been a long wait for you guys.

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