Project Warm

farmer brent

We’ve been in our house for a couple of weeks.  Our warm days are diminishing along with the warm rock walls of the house.  Kevin is visiting from Seattle with “mousse expansive” blocking every drafty leak he can find.  A small lizard came peaking through underneath a door yesterday, so there are still a few to do.  It’s amazing what blocking a little air gap will do.  You can feel the difference almost instantly.  The aesthetic is interesting to say the least, but gosh darn it, we’ll be warm which is important.

smeggs herding kevin

Brent has done enough research on wood burning stoves that I feel a blog post coming soon.  Tomorrow, I think we’re laying down some cash for one (maybe two) wood burners that will push “project warm” one step further.  We’re racing against cold nights and new baby being born very, VERY soon.  Newborns have a tough time regulating temperature; we don’t want it to be drafty and cold for the wee one.  The plan is to get the house livable for the winter so we can get started setting up the farm.  As it is, we are waiting for the farmer who is renting the land to wrap up his work, move some cattle, hay and silage so we can start the fencing and water plan.

DSC_7603.JPG DSC_7605.JPG DSC_7607.JPG



Lucy’s birthday is in a few days.  She’ll be a sassy eight year old.  As I try very hard not to have a baby early, we’ll pull something together to celebrate her special day.  She has had so many big parties in the past, I think it might be nice to keep it small this year.  I suspect she’ll disagree.

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