Hot and Heavy

Mr. Green

Brent and Kevin went to collect a pile of furniture and things from a guy who is selling the contents of his gîte business (that’s a small house or room to rent for vacationers).  There were some amazingly gorgeous things, but mainly we were after the well-made wood burning stove he had for sale.  This baby is heavy.  Watching Kevin and Brent move it into the house was video worthy, but I resisted in case things got sad should they drop and break our new, expensive stove.  The thing weighs 200 kg (that’s 440 pounds for the American audience!).  This was no trivial task.  Thankfully, we had Michael’s little wheelie-do-dad that he uses to move his piano.  This little device, however, was no help getting the green beast up to two little steps into the house.  But, they did it.  Mr. Green now lives on its wheels until we install it which it will sit for years and years keeping us warm.

It looks easy, but

On the wheelie-do-dad

break again

An unexpected perk of pick-up was when the nice seller handed Kevin the keys to his big worker van to let us use to move the stuff providing a huge shout-out to Kevin’s inner boy.  This type of grin only surfaces in times of large power tools, monster machines digging deep holes and big vehicles.

big worker van


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