Early Morning Farm Photos


Brent was up early the other morning and snapped a few shots of the sunrise against our crazy outbuildings. We had no idea that we could see the Pyrenees from our place.  There are few more here.



I sat outside the other night to witness the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen in years. So stunning that I couldn’t get off my bum to grab my camera. It lasted for a long time. The kids were playing in one of the fields setting up their picinic spot.  Black and white cows in the distance and the Pyrenees outlined beyond them.

Lucy established the picnic spot by running out to the middle of the field with a little plastic yellow picnic table.  Otto followed with wood and other necessities.  When the sun starts to set, the kids run out there to play.  Lately the sun has been a deep red color which, of course, is the sun that lights Luke on the day before his uncle’s home is destroyed.  “Luke and Leia” is an ongoing game Lucy and Otto play.  Little Minty doesn’t have a part yet.  Let’s hope they don’t demote her to JarJar.

.The Picnic Spot

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