You Pregnant Chicken

these boots were made for jumping

Lucy’s school is a little bit bigger than her last one. She’s the only girl in CE2, but they share the class with the next level CM1 which has many girls. All the girls in the school are older than her. They really like her. When they found out she lived in Washington, they immediately began grilling her about the details of Twilight. Lucy has never seen or heard of Twilight so I had to explain it to her. She’s quickly learning the ropes of the school which includes boys that are liked and boys that are disliked as well as so-and-so’s boyfriend. All of this comes as a shock to me as I’m TOTALLY UNPREPARED for this subject matter! My little girl turns eight and we’re suddenly taking about her friend’s boyfriend. I suppose that’s what happens as she moves from a school dominated by seven to eight year old girls to hanging with the big girls. More importantly, however, is the poor little boy who the girls refer to as “le poulet enceintes” which means “the pregnant chicken.” Why this boy is called this, I’m still trying to understand. Girls can be so mean sometimes. But for reasons unknown to me, I find this phrase chock-full of hilarity. Hopefully it’s nothing too slanderous.

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