That’s No Rabbit

happy pot

The kids ran around with Tinky and Berty today.  Brent showed them the cowshed.  They screamed and climbed and ran all through it.  It’s not a modern cowshed.  It is the type that has the cows chained to a wall for feeding and poop comes out their end landing into a little trough.  In the trough are little paddles that, when on, paddle the poop to the end of the line where it runs up a conveyer belt and then drops, thus creating a large pile of poop.  I’ll let Brent tell you the why and what happens with the large pile of poop in his blog.  But for now, let’s just say this farm has one of these systems which was used probably a year or so ago.  The kids quickly discovered that there are two ways out the poo-trough, up the conveyer belt (were you cow poop) or through the perfectly sized hole for a child which when crossed has a nice concrete platform with a view of the farm just perfect … for a picnic.  I didn’t really piece together Minty’s phrase “picnic near the poo-pile” until much later and the picnic was finished.  But, that was lunch for the kids, a ploughman’s meal with a view near a large pile of aged cow dung.

Another aged item found today was a very old bunny-sized skeleton retrieved by Tosca.  Just before the very proud dog munched the head, Julie made a positive identification – that is not a rabbit, that’s a cat.  It’s not all bookshelves and chainsaws around here.

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