Animals’ Farm

Little Smeggs

Without livestock of our own as of yet, there are still many animals thriving on the farm. Tosca, “the garbage disposal,” permanently in search of food has at last found a place with a surplus of rabbits for her to hunt. Suddenly table scraps lack the challenge she seeks. When she’s not rolling on her back drying off after a dip in Lake Tosca, she’s after the bunnies. I haven’t seen her catch one yet, but the chase is half the fun. With all the extra exercise, you can see echoes of her girlish figure. She’s shedding that coffee table look.

Rabbit Hunting

Eating Smarties On An Armagnac Barrel

Little Smeggs is a great farm dog. When she was at the other house in the village, she barked way too much and had a tendency to get over excited. Now that she’s in her element, her barking nature is exactly what is needed. She sounds off for any visitor. Keeps the unwelcomed dogs away and chases the deer. She’s also much happier now that she has a job. Her only weakness is her soft spot for couches. She lives outside only. If she ever makes it into the house, she hops on the couch. She likes a cushy place to sleep. Who can blame her. We have a soft, fuzzy sleeping bag monogrammed “Lucita” by Pottery Barn back in the yuppie days for her to snuggle into at night. Smeggs likes her new digs

munson and the cow

Munson is a guest at the farm. When he’s not traveling Europe with Michael, he’ll be relaxing at his new home base in the villa across from the old farmhouse. Munson is a beautiful, large Malamute of two years old. Originally a big city dog, he’s learning and adjusting to his new environment. Smeggs LOVES Munson. He’s as cuddly as a big couch only better.

The Face Of a Killer
Most surprisingly useful is Bug the cat. When we brought him out here, it was for sentimental reasons rather than practical. In Seattle, Bug laid around the house getting up only for a slash or a bite to eat. Since he’s been out here in France, we’ve learned that he catches mice and even snakes. Right now, Bug is an indoor only cat. Thankfully there’s a lot of room in the house and as we’re finding out, plenty of mice for him to hunt. During the day, he is snuggy little Bug the cat we know and love. At night, he’s a cold hearted mouse killer. He’s proving to us more and more that he was not just bred for beauty. Right now the score is Bug 2 : Brent 2. Yes, mice were harmed during the writing of this post. I’m hoping that’s the end of the mouse population, but I have a feeling we’ll see a few more before the winter arrives.

… and as a side note, something that hasn’t occurred since we started this whole farm deal, Brent captured a moment in his happy place.

Brent's Happy Place


and the girls quickly followed his lead.

Little Princess

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