F’in Music

In my (almost) two years here in France, I’ve noticed a lot of music that is played at the various stores. What stands out to me is the frequent play of any song sung in English that have “fuck you” in the chorus. Lily Allen’s Fuck You and Cee Lo Green’s Fuck You song have been seriously overplayed. I can only imagine the radio DJs getting a huge giggle out of picking these songs. Also, i see a great opportunity to start a little side career when I’m not farming by creating pop songs with English swear words for the French pop market.

2 thoughts on “F’in Music

  1. Steffi says:

    Heh. I totally understand. When I was about 14-15 I went to visit cousins in Germany and they were singing things that were filled with naughty things. But it was sung in English and my cousins didn’t understand most of them.
    We seriously had a good laugh after I told them what it all meant.

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