A Place For The Tire Swing


The JCB came today and the kids had to stay inside to avoid any potential dangers. It turned out to be a gorgeous, warm day of which we got to catch the last bit of. Lucy found the old Skoda tire swing that Brent hung in the barn at the old place. She tried to drag Minty in it like a sled, but quickly found that to be like an event in a Strong Man contest. We searched around for the perfect tree to toss the rope over. There’s a great one that faces the picnic spot. We all tried a few methods to get the rope around the branch, but with no luck. It was too tall. Lucy found a smaller tree to use while we seek another way to hang the swing. She did her creative rope move around a piece of wood and made a standing-hanging-sitting swing that did the trick. Otto was pissed that she threw the rope over the branch, but quickly ran off to continue banging wood on wood to find the many different sounds they made.




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