Our First Harvest!

strong man

Well that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  We have a pile of vines that are going away and buried in the leaves and roots are large pieces of dry wood.  Now that Mr. Green is alive! We need food for him.  Brent had a plan to harvest the posts of which we did three rows today.  I snipped the wire that attached to the post and Brent wriggled and pulled the post out of the ground.  It’s been wet and rainy for the past week or so which softened the soil up.  There are the occasional stubborn ones that will meet the chainsaw shortly.

It was a gorgeous, crisp day and I kept singing an NRG -radio (prounounced “Energy”)  overplay song by Rhianna.  Wantchoo to Make. Me. Feel.  Like I’m the only girl in the world. Boom chuck. Boom chuck.  You go Riri.

wire snip

my little part


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