He Blogs, He Knits!

Mauve With Buttons

I thought I had seen all fashionable sides of Michael.  Evidently our friendship carried on in warm weather.  It’s getting chilly here in Southwest France, which means for some of us the fleece and heavy jackets come out.  For others, it is fantastic knitted sweaters (or jumpers for the Commonwealth).  Michael and Munson live in the villa across the way.  Each day I’ll see him for an espresso or a hello or a “have you seen Minty?”  Each day lately, he has a different, bold sweater on.  So inspiring, I grabbed my camera and caught two to tell my friends.  What makes these jumpers even more special than their nouveau-retro-faux-faux-chic is that he knitted them himself!  One of my favorites, Wowzers (named by me and featured below), is simply spectacular.  Each sweater comes with it’s own story.  I look forward meeting each sweater as we launch into winter and hope that Michael will pick up the ol’ needles again.  It’s time to knit one pearl two in France.

Wowzers Side 1

Wowzers Side 2

Wowzers Side 3

In other news, we should be meeting little Quattro soon.  During the summer, Lucy constructed a little Quattro out of what she could find in the recycling box.  Lucy’s Quattro has been a part of the household for some time now.  Brent’s hoping for a brown eyed child to mix it up a bit.  Lucy used Babybel red for eyes.  I’m hoping for two and leave it at that.

Lucy's Quattro Project

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