Merry Christmas and The Sapaing

(whoa! a computer! how cool!)

Grabbing a moment escape from newborn-land, we managed to harvest a Christmas tree from the farm. Every time I look around the farm, I realize there are more and more trees that I had not noticed before. The one we chose for our sapin (… or sapaing as they say in deep country France) was near the tennis court. It looks like some branches may have been cut before. It was never going to thrive as an evergreen and therefore was perfect for our first Christmas here at the farm.
Brent used Alice the chainsaw to cut ‘er down. The kids quickly decorated it. It now happily hangs out in the Library waiting for Christmas day where it will be the center of attention.





pouty mint

Since the age of one, Minty has picked her daily outfit. On this day, it was sunny, but crisp. Minty delivered a most superb winter outfit. Nothing says, “fer-git about you,” as much as a tutu, gumboots and stripy tights all awash with a varying pink hue.

Winter Mint

mint and tosca

Bye Bye Belly, Hello Zélie


Zélie Queen Nelson Curtis came out to play last Monday.  She’s cute and loves to cuddle.  Little Q will conclude the Curtis breeding program securing her placing as the youngest in the family.  I can identify as I’ve enjoyed many, many years as the youngest and I find it to be the best spot to hold.  The family has been excited getting to know her.  Her needs are simple and refreshing.  Eat, sleep, cuddle and a clean bum is all she asks for at the moment.  I can remember this being a huge effort with the first child and now looking after her seems so easy.

Tosca the golden retriever is adjusting to her noises.   She seems excited to have another plate to lick.  Bug the cat had a funny five minutes while he mistook Zélie’s squeaks for a mouse and ran crazy around the house to find it.


I’ve calibrated my mental kid count to four, which is weird and very cool.  The family no longer fits in the Skoda, but seriously where the heck will we all go at the same time?  An event so rare and special, we’ll take two vehicles.  The first real challenge with adding another human to our family is the sock issue.  Two more feet with two more socks getting lost and wreaking havoc within laundry system.



… F.A.Q. and F.Y.I.

1) Queen?!?!?! what up with that?  : well, you can’t please everyone.  Long before Zélie was a little zygote, we’ve code named the fourth baby Quattro.  If Zélie had been a boy, the middle name would have been Quattro.  SooOOOooooo,  we wanted to come up with a ‘Q’ girl name for her and we both loved Queen.  So there you have it.

2) Zélie’s original name was Zélie Queen Campbell Curtis.  Lucy, Otto and Clémentine have Campbell as one of their middle names.  In France, when a woman gets married, she does not legally change her last name.  With all the paperwork we’ve been through, I’m often listed as Jean Campbell.  So when Brent rushed down to get her registered with the Mayor ( you have three days to do this or it’s CREE-MEE-NAL! ) he was faced with this snag. We were unable to use my last name as a middle name.  They said that Brent could write a letter to France and ask to use Campbell (Dear France …).  After  a very animated week, he chose to not go down that path. With minutes to come up with a new middle name,  he searched for something on my side of the family since we lost Campbell.  He chose Nelson, my mom’s middle name.  I totally love it and I think it was a spectacular choice.