An Exercise in Fluff

ballet dancer

Now that we’re at daycare proportions in family members, the kids and I have switched to self-directed, self-led fun. I’m trying to say, “yes” more and they’re coming up with many ideas to entertain themselves that don’t require electricity. Lucy, who was home sick for the day, was sewing a doll and needed stuffing. She ran upstairs and grabbed a handful of cotton balls. The doll was a huge flop as she’s not schooled in the magic tricks of sewing yet. But, not discouraged, she decided to make art with cotton balls. The creations were only limited by the finite number of available cotton balls.

wall of cotton
a clowd
When Otto and Minty came home from school, they quickly felt the cotton ball art urge and jumped into their imagination to produce many fluffy creations. All the pieces were put up on the wall that the kids dubbed a place for their art. Some of my favorites were Minty’s “A Clowd ” and Lucy’s “Ballerina.” But by far, Otto once again stole my heart with “Cottinbow.” Cottinbow, for me, said so much and visually provided so little.  Sadly, in a panicked attempt to create “Blue Dog,” Cottinbow was destroyed as Otto gathered all the blue cotton balls. C’est dommage. Sometimes art has a short life yet lives forever in your memories.


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