Breakfast For Free!

the chooks

The coop is complete and we have chook. The day I finished off the fence, Brent came home with a couple of chickens that night. It took two seconds for the squawky one to find a hole and start running around the fenced area. We let her settle down for a bit while I did a quick mend. Otto and I returned to calmly catch her and put her in with her buddy. The kids were very excited to see them. Lucy and Otto picked which one they wanted to name. So let me introduce Fattypat and Payback.

Fattypat because “she’s fat and I want to pat her,” says Otto.


Payback because it’s a family music video favorite. Payback got a little stressed on the journey from house to house and lost her neck feathers. It sort of gives her that “edge” and suits her name. She’s the sqauwky one.


The chickens seem to be content with their new home as we’ve been enjoying some fresh eggs already. I had heard that chickens don’t lay much in the winter or when they’re stressed. We’ve already collected five eggs. I need to get a few more chickens now to feed the family.

One thought on “Breakfast For Free!

  1. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    JANE HERE, we too love our 4 chickens. They were raised last OCT from chicks so because that required a nice high box, I found our new vacuums box to suffice nicely and there fore the first name: Bissel I considered naming the other Rhode Island Red Hoove but passed on that as it was clearly a male name in my book. She then became Ruby as her comb was bigger and brighter red than the others.

    Gladys named one of the Sex-linked Goldens Dusty (absoultuely fearless and the most friendly of them all even as a little one. Fortunately she has continued to have a slight dusting of white on the edge of her wing feathers so as to be distinquished from LAVENDER (That’s what you get when you let a kid name them -Isabella) They’re so much fun and completely entrtaining.

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