They’re HEEEeeeere!

Brent spent many hours working out what type, the hows, the wheres, the whose of cow purchase. I’ll let him fill you in with the details. But, we have cow. They’re very cute and one even shares a birthday with me. They are Mirandaise. Which is a rare breed cow with something like 250 left alive in France (or the world really). We liked them because they’re curious and gentle. Cows can live and breed for twenty years so you want to be picky on what you’re working with. We’re also beginning our quest for tasty meat. Mirandaise are supposed to have many qualities that would support our efforts.

These cuties are the beginning of our cowherd and we will be adding more as we figure out our ideal troupeau. I have NO experience with cows … or heifers in this case … They are sensitive to light and noise and many other things. For a few days, they will chill out in the stable. Brent feeds them some fine looking hay and gives them special treats so they warm up to us.
The girls loaded into the stable pretty smoothly with a couple of “moments.” One of which I caught with the camera. I was trying to be silent and calm while snapping a few shots. One girl did not want to move. The boys convinced her to move along and suddenly she decided to go all waka-waka-hey-hey. My red fleece, my unfortunate position with no exit, those horns, her mass – all things I was thinking about when I snapped one shot and got the hell outta there. In just a few days they will be out in the fields eating fresh grass and enjoying the farm.

and the cow jumped over

5 thoughts on “They’re HEEEeeeere!

  1. Carolyn says:


    You may not be wearing the long plastic sleeve at the beginning (we’ll see in time) but you probably WILL spend a moment with some rope and a come-along pulling an extra large calf. Because sometimes in takes two. And I know already you are a game girl!

    Thrilled to read about your adventure, after discovering you guys through my blog peeps.

    Keep up the photos, and regards to those beautiful kids!

    Carolyn in Vermont

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