Adventures In Farmville


We have a few new editions to the peep of chooks. Four chickens and a cockerel. The kids came to a unanimous decision to name the boy Kevin. They named him after a close family friend of ours that the kids adore. So, Kevin the cockerel it is. After working with Kevin for a few days, the name suits him well. Each night he snuggles in with Puffy, Feathers and Twinnie-twins keeping them warm and safe. He also helped establish the pecking order right away with Payback and Fatty-pat.



The cows have been moved out of their small stay in the stable and into the courtyard. They will be in there for a few more days while we wait for the grass to grow a bit more. We had an exciting morning after a huge windstorm during the night blew down one of the fences. The cows followed their bellies and tested the classic theory of the greener grass on the other side of the fence. In this case, it was true. When we woke up, we found them munching away on one of the adjacent paddocks. We also noticed that Payback was missing. It was quite a wind. Now, I won’t lie, I have NO experience with cows (Brent, thankfully does). My first experience with cows was but a few days ago when Brent handed me a copper pot of ground wheat and stuck me in front of the Disney-like creatures with big horns and said, “call them.” I looked at the cows.  The cows looked at me.  We sort of stared at each other hoping no one would make a move. Did I mention they were bucking a bit as they got used to going from dark stable to light outdoors? Anyway, on the morning after the wind, we needed to get the five girls back into their temporary holding while we get the pasture paddocks ready. I grabbed a couple of sticks and Brent ran down one way with the pot of treats. Brent called for Elfie, the cow we dubbed “the Tosca of cows.” She is a porker. She will do anything for food. Elfie quickly came to the treat pot and the others followed. Brent led them up the hill (away from the neighbors precious vineyard) while I circled around them. You gotta love the herd animals. They safely and uneventfully marched back to their courtyard while we double checked the fences. Whew! The girls spent the rest of the day munching and ruminating in true cow form and Brent and I got a cup of coffee. In the words of our friend Misty, “It’s like Farmville but for reals!” Just after my first cow herding, I found Payback. She was cuddled in a corner brooding on one egg and a couple of chestnuts. We’re going to leave the egg there and see if Kevin has done his duty.

5 thoughts on “Adventures In Farmville

  1. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    We lover our chickens. They are never a dull moment and LOL when you see them running. We super love our fresh egg breakfast. Cows with horns!! You need a hear dog. Are yours earning their keep?

  2. Jaygo says:

    How fun! We always speak figuratively about herding. Now you can do it “fo realz”.

    p.s. the cows are cute.

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