Happy Girls


The Girls are out and doing their grass eating thing.  Well, not the Curtis girls.  They’re there to demonstrate the length of the grass. The five Mirandaise had an exciting few days in the crap paddock while we waited for the grass to grow. Today they moved down to Washington – a seriously grassy paddock.  Brent has been working on the names of the paddocks, which are currently inspired after US states and cities.  So far he’s determined Colorado, Washington, California and Detroit (uh, that’s the crap paddock…sorry Detroit).  We’ve had our share of cow moving.  The first time was a necessity after the wind storm.  The second was moving them from the stable to Detroit.  At first it was all going so well.  Then Fevette, the youngest, spooked and ran setting off the others.  The group went right through the fence Brent just set up.  Thankfully they didn’t run far.  In mid-run they became distracted with grass and quickly came to a halt to start nibbling.




I’m learning so much with each move.  Brent does all the work and I come in to help with stragglers.  Today we moved them from Detroit to Washington (this is a temporary name, it may end up being Tri-Cities).  Brent spent hours working out how to get them from here to there.  Getting fences ready and their route determined.  It reminds me of moving data.  So much time spent upfront to get data to move around only to watch your work execute in seconds.  When we let the girls go on their big move, they quickly followed Brent.  Soon after, they started bucking and running and stopping.  They were more sensitive to the electric fence this time.  Brent stayed patiently behind them while they went right where they were supposed to go.  The paddock they were being moved to is so lush and green they seemed to go all giddy. Brent said they were munching away so much Elfie’s nose was green.  It’s been  nice to have them part of the farm.  Just wait for for our next editions …



And in other news, Otto would like to share with you his new dinner classic “p-tato.”  A much easier way to eat your peas should you prefer to eat them with a knife.

Minty does not like it when a photo is taken without her in it, so here is Minty with her own p-tato as entrée.

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