Things Just Got Hornier

salers cow 

Our second batch of cows arrived today.  I’ll let Brent tell you how we arrived at this breed.  But let me tell you, after the bucky Mirandaise, these girls were a dream.  I say girls but actually there’s one little baby boy in the mob.  He’s six days old and needs a name that begins with the letter ‘g.’  I liked Gordito.  Brent and Michael of course had their smart ass take on names beginning with ‘g.’  There are four cows and a pile of heifers.  It turns out that the cows keep the youngens calm.  This explains why the Mirandaise heifers have been a tad jumpy.  The Salers loaded off the truck and into their temporary accommodation smoothly.   Tonight is their first night here and the wind is picking up.  Hopefully our work securing the fences will hold.  We’ll spend the next week getting to know each other before they meet the Mirandaise possy.  I’m really excited because the Salers are excellent milkers.  Their milk is used for Cantal cheese.   I have no intention of making cheese, but I do enjoy fresh milk.  The older cows are supposed to be easy and calm for milking.  So we’ll soon see.  I imagine non-pasteurized milk and full cream yogurt in my future.


Little Gordito has been with his mum for his entire six days of existence. This was his first day to meet the farm as well as the mob of heifers. The dude who sold us the cows got Gordito over to the collection of cows where he was fondly received. Them cows look after each others babies. Very sweet.


It was a big day today with the cows. Brent managed to catch some great shots of the girls in the morning.


among other nice shots

Tosca decided it was too hot and found shade under the tractor


After months of “fun with bailing wire,” I discovered the ultimate use for such perfect material. This farm is just about held together with the stuff. So far, I’ve found astounding uses for this magical steel wonder. Who knew?! If you don’t have bailing wire, I suggest you run don’t walk to the nearest ag-store and pick some up.

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