The Unofficial French Word For Brown

Now I know that any of you who’ve learned French traditionally or even through online material have picked up the French words for various colors. Green is Vert. Red is Rouge. Blue is Bleu. Brown is Marron. Sometimes Brown is Brun. But this is false. Brown is not Marron nor is it Brun. According to my son who is learning French the French way, Brown is “Caca Doigt.” Pronounced “cah-cah dwat.”  At first glance that seems interesting. When you google translate that, it is “Poo Finger.” I thought y’all needed to know this. Brown in French is poo finger. Don’t let any French teacher tell you differently.

Here, let me use it in a sentence.  “Mommy, I know what red, blue and yellow make … caca doigt.”



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