Chicken Tiki Masala

The chickens were moved today from Super Palace Coop or Coopa Cobana if you will, to a small villa just across the way.  It turns out, Brent is really good at catching chickens.  Otto is soon to follow as he has the drive for chicken catching.  He’s quite skilled at chicken chasing.

We found a smaller chicken coop in an out-building by Michael’s place.  Michael chucked it out the window with a few bumps and bruises (to the coop that is, Michael is fine.  No Michael’s were harmed moving the coop).   Kevin and the girls are to follow the cows in the last-known-good paddock.  Brent moves the cows every one or two days and the chickens will follow behind.  Chickens are not our main business so I’m starting slowly learning how to care for them and get them where they need to be.  They will hang out in their new digs while I fix the issues that come up with the net, coop and anything else. When i get better at all this, I hope to scale it and add chickens into our pastured meat business. I needed to make the coop a bit more snuggy for them so thankfully I found the perfect thing in Michael’s giant trash pile.  Without the special table cloth, we wouldn’t get that special something that suddenly turned a random coop into a Tiki room.  It’s something about the small huts and sticks that gives it that Tiki edge.


At dusk Kevin and the girls where ready to get cozy for the night so they all went to the edge of the net where they could see their old coop.  They stared and stared trying to figure out in their little chicken brain how they could get from here to there.  It was then I started thinking of better ways to introduce their new coop.  We waited a bit to see if one of them would figure it all out.  At last Kevin and the older chickens got settled in while the two younger ones still peeped at the gate.  After dinner I went out to shut them in and they’re all cozy cozy.  Tiki Masala is a lot smaller than Coopa Cobana so we’ll see how they make use of it.

DSC_0529.JPG(photo by Mr. Curtis)

The heifers and cows are mingling nicely. We’ve had to fix fence design here and there to accommodate the younger heifers. They slip out occasionally. And let me tell you, nothing encourages team building than getting a heifer back to her herd. Forget go-cart racing and motivational offsites. That’s a load a crap. Take your team to a farm and have them herd cattle. There you will see magic. … or a mob of heifers running off in the distance and a gaggle of dudes bickering.

10 thoughts on “Chicken Tiki Masala

  1. Kevin Grealish says:

    I’m going to see if I can get our group to do a team building exercise at your farm. it may push the budget but I assume you can find work for a gaggle of engineers.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Absolutely! They’re healthier and happier. They get all giddy when then get new grass. Though keep in mind, I will scooch them across the field to a new bit of grass. Don’t worry Brent won’t catch them and move them each time.

  2. Glad says:

    Ooooh, moving the poor chicks to new digs, very challenging. We had to finally clip our chick’s wings. They easily flew over our four foot fence and then preferred our neighbor’s small yard to our big lot. After numerous complaints we clipped.


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