Working At Home. This was a status used by many at the place I used to work (computer geek stuff. They’re crazy like that). There was a positive correlation between degrees in Fahrenheit and number of employees “wah-ing” that day. As degrees in Fahrenheit increased so did the peeps who would W.A.H. Today and yesterday have been exceptional Spring days. Temperatures measuring close to 30 C (86 F!). It’s when the weather is fantastic, the kids are at school, the cows are in their rectangle and I’m working with Brent on some physically difficult task as we get our farm started that I think “fuck yeah! This is fantastic!” I’m Working At Home. I want to set my status, but the only person who cares is also WAH. Last night I sat out with the kids in the dark while they took candles around and solved mysteries. The frogs were croaking a symphony audible by us and any neighboring farm within a kilometer or two. One of our cows had a baby. Our little newborn has decided to sleep through the night. The grass is growing like … grass. Mama-say mama-sah ma-ma-coo-sah.


(photo by Mr. Curtis)


(photo by Mr. Curtis)

DSC_0607.JPGThis is Tosca’s spot while dinner is being prepared.  Always after a crumb, she’s right there for any morsel that falls her way.


I’m not sure if it was Michael or Brent who found this little gem on the internet, but let me tell you right here, right now, everytime I walk by this poster, I start singing this classic Lionel Richie song.  It’s so bad it’s good, but now bad.  An ear worm I would prefer to avoid.

3 thoughts on “WAH

  1. Carolyn says:


    I am so enjoying your adventure. Thanks for the wonderful posts and pictures.
    And as I said before, I know there is a long plastic glove in your future!

    You folks are doing an awesome job, all the way around!

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Well, the girls are due to get knocked up in a couple of months. I hold firmly on my position. Only time will tell…

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