Farming Is Hard


These are the words I heard over and over again by people when we talked about starting this whole farm thing.  Most of those people have never farmed themselves so couldn’t elaborate on what exactly was hard about farming.  I’m trying to figure out why people say this.  The farmers we’ve talked to say one thing, “what kind of cows are you getting?!”  But, this phrase “farming is hard” runs through my head everyday as we tackle projects to start up this grass-fed cow business.  Being the ignorant newbie, the work is challenging, but hard?  Then you ask yourself, “what is hard anyway?”  With my last line of work, hard to me was telling a great guy with a family that he isn’t cutting it here on the team and he needs to find employment elsewhere (welcome to cansville, population: you).  That was hard.   Right now, hard is timing the work to a baby nap schedule.  Hard was merging the herds.  Hard is working through the many paper trails of France.  Hard is hearing that our neighbor died while out in the field farming.  Hard will be many things.  Hard to me is interesting.  We’ve just barely begun.  I’ve already collected a few tidbits of advice based on things we could have done better.

but enough of that.  Much more importantly, Brent got a new socket set.  The kind of socket wrench that immediately makes you say in your worst crocodile Australian accent, “that’s not a socket wrench, THIS is a socket wrench.”

Michael dug out an old costume.  Speechless.  I think Munson liked it.

The cherries are showing signs of tasty goodness.

And tonight’s giggle was from a friend of ours.  Brent was explaining to him how “hay season” is approaching quickly so we need to get our equipment sorted out.  “Wait, are you going to do that?”  he says (K.G., 2011).  Yes, we’re doing it.  We don’t get the man over to do it.  We’ll find out soon enough if it’s hard.

5 thoughts on “Farming Is Hard

  1. Mark Griffith says:

    I like the shot of Brent walking. I am so glad you guys are giving it a go. What’s hard? What’s normal? Many things feel much different on the inside working through them and figuring them out.

    (BTW who is Michael?)

    • Jean Curtis says:

      I love that shot too!

      Michael is our buddy who’s moved into the small villa on the farm we bought. It’s great to have him here.

  2. Lynn says:

    What’s hard? Interesting question, probably with different answers for everyone.

    I guess the reason I am so utterly fascinated by your blog, and Brent’s, is that you guys are doing what, to me, would be one of the hardest things ever. You have four kids and ten times as many cows and they all depend on you, all day every single day. I could barely handle the responsibility of a dog, and I could leave her with friends.

    Plus you are out in the country. My idea of a big change is to go from my house near San Francisco to my apartment in the middle of Paris. So to be really out there permanently in the countryside, well, let’s just say there is no cow-in-the-fog photo that would get me to think that was other than hard.

    If I were watching Green Acres, I’d be right there singing along with Eva Gabor. “Darlin’ I love you but give me Park Avenue…”

    But, you know, you guys love it. So while you have your hands full, it clearly doesn’t feel hard.

  3. Gladys says:

    oooh, always a great journey reading your blog. If you love what you are doing, things just don’t seem so hard. What you are doing is rich and healthy for your children.

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