Beaucoup de Travail

In Spanish it’s “mucho trabajo.”  In American it’s “shitload of work.”  People come around all the time and that’s what they say.  It’s true, there are a lot of projects to work on.  Somedays I don’t even know where to begin.  That’s when I grab a glass of cheap red wine and watch the cows eat.  It has the satisfaction of Space Invaders or bubble wrap.  Today I cleaned up around the front of the house.  The weather lately has been stunning.  75F and breezy.  San Diego good.  The sun shines all day long on our stone house.  Things are getting hot.  After a conversation with a local friend and our résident Australian snake expert, it turns out the things snakes love most are right outside our front door.  Rocks, steel, mess all tumbled about on a warm concrete apron backed by a hot stone house.  I don’t think I could have purposely designed a better reptile park for our local cold blooded friends.
I stuck Zélie in the playpen in the shade and got to work.  After a few weeds were pulled I could feel unrest in the creatures that lay low.  I was suddenly in the midst of The World of Insects narrated by David Attenborough.  This week, Beetles.  Many beetles died and found new homes today.  There is a red beetle with black spots that Lucy calls a ManBug.  It’s like a flat Ladybug.  I uncovered the ManBug hood.  They were all there.  Big ones, small ones, teeny ones, teenyteeny ones all running around because the cops just busted up their party.  Lizards were fleeing.  Grubby wormy things were wiggling.  It was fascinating how much life was in a tiny strip of weeds barely growing by the house.  Thankfully, no snakes were found, but I only got through the front of the house.  I did scream loudly when Mr. Fatty Green Beetle popped out of solid slate looking for trouble.  I let him go and a line of little Mr. Fatty Green Beetles followed.DSC_0858.JPGThrough all of this Zélie happlily giggled and played and fell asleep.  Homegirl spends a lot of time outside.  I’d say many of her naps are taken snuggled someplace in the open air.  It’s like the nature tape they would play for Lucy and the other babies at daycare, but fer reals.

It’s feeling very summer at the moment, but rain is coming.  The kids had a huge roll in the grass.



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