Why Did The Chickens Cross The Road?

To get back to Coopa Cabana. Chicken Tiki was well and good, but when the girls started getting broody, it came up short. So the peep of chickens had to return to their bigger digs while I get the ouef-mobile up and running. We also have some new comers joining Kevin’s harem. Three red hens that Michael added as well as four black ones. Birds of a different feather are flocking together. Side by side on their pee-yahno. We are the world, we are the chickens. It was great fun “herding” them from one place to the other. It’s a slow process, but if you take your time they go right where you want them. Kevin had his concerns about crossing the road, but with Lucy’s help we convinced him that it was his destiny. The girls quickly followed. The new chickens are VERY DUMB. They’re young and new, but WHOA. D-U-M, dumb. Kevin and his bitches (as we often say … but not in front of the children) all snuggle in like clockwork at night. But where are the new chickens? Roosting in a small tree. It looks very comfy, I’ll give them that. It also looks like my tree suddenly grew chickens. I had to pick up each one and get them over with Kev. They’re tame little things. If they get a little clucky, I do this little spiral move that Brent taught me to get them to be calm. Tonight, my chicken tree had two chickens, so I think there is hope.
The zappy chicken wire was also a disappointment. It didn’t quite zap enough to keep them in. Kevin took the girls out a few times for a little promenade around Colorado (the big paddock). Thankfully the dogs were elsewhere so no casualties were incurred. I’m going to do a zappy-wire moveable coop dealio for version two.


We’ve had threats of rain for the past week and all I seem to grab for is my sunglasses. Brent has hay fever, quite literally. He’s working out when to do our first cut of hay. There are lots of people around haying their fields before the rain, but our hay isn’t ready yet. It’s looking like there will be a gap in the next week that will time well with the growth. The wind is going nuts tonight. Another cow is looking very ready to let loose her calf. Fences are holding up nicely. I haven’t done any cow herding in quite awhile. Good cows!


The calla lilies are in bloom again. I’ve always loved calla lilies. Right by Lake Tosca is a cluster of the perfect white flowers.



The kids are now home for a two week Easter (Pâques) holiday. We love it when the kids are home. They keep Zélie and Tosca entertained. And the cows. The cows LOVE Lucy. When she goes over to them, the entire herd comes running at her (gently) it’s a bit scary, but they slow down when they’re close. Then , they stand and stare at her. Otto rides his bike around looking for things to break, throw or smash. Minty climbs on rocks, dances, rolls in the sand and bakes cakes.



9 thoughts on “Why Did The Chickens Cross The Road?

  1. maggie costigan says:

    how are those broody girls doing? funny creatures hens they’ll hatch any egg, duck, goose, turkey, doesnt matter they’ll sit for as long as it takes. Maggie, Ireland

    • Jean Curtis says:

      It’s actually a sad end. I have a post coming soon about our saga with critters eating eggs. The not-so-Disney ending is on the 21st day, every egg but two were eaten by a critter (rat, bird, mouse … not sure). She’s still very broody, but we’ve collected eggs throughout the day to get a handle on our egg massacre.

      • maggie costigan says:

        not so easy to hatch eggs, so much can and does go wrong even after they hatch, lost lots of chicks, mostly to the elements (irish weather!!!) we’ve (rather my 12 year old son) has all sorts hatching/hatched, ducks are great very hardy, ‘weather for ducks’, have 6 adorable goslings, completely spoilt, cant help it they’re soooooo cute, did you know geese were used by Romans soldiers, purpose 2 fold, great guard dogs and meat!

  2. maggie costigan says:

    forgot to ask, did you candle the eggs to check for fertility, usually done after 1st week, but even after 4 days you can see if egg is good or not, some say the hen will discard bad or infertile eggs but in my experience this doesnt always happen, also a hen will stay broody for months, poor little mites desperate for babies!

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