Welcome To Our Ool

In The Pool

… notice there’s no ‘p’ in it.  I’m not a big fan of pools when there are little ones running about.  All sorts of safety requires me to sit down for two hours and play lifeguard.  I love watching the kids play, but I prefer to let them run around discovering their own fun and games.  We’re more of a sprinkler family until everyone can swim.  Lucy’s school took her for swimming lessons last year.  It was totally cool and totally free.  This of course is amazing to me because I couldn’t get Lucy into swimming class in my neighborhood pool without standing in line at some un-sunny hour to secure her on a waiting list.  I’ve always thought that there may be a small market opportunity for swimming lessons in Seattle.

So as it’s Spring and refusing to rain, the kids have dug out the summer box and declared it summer.  They keep finding new things to fill and splash in.  This old Rubbermade box is very two-minutes-ago.  Today it was stacked tires.  A proper pool would be cool, but in France they tax you for such luxuries.  I’ve seen people buy above ground pools and set them in a small “natural” hole to avoid taxation.  I had a thought that with Brent’s digger and all our lakes on the farm … maybe we could “put another lake on the farm” you know “for the animals” and “maybe some sand around it”  because “animals like sand.”



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