Don’t Count Your Chickens

broody chook

Me: Hey! We have a broody chicken!
Brent: Cool! How many eggs is she sitting on?
Me: Eight.
Brent: oo. That’ll be cool.
Me: well, you can’t count your … you know the rest

The last couple of months have opened up a lot of time to get work done on the farm. Cows, fences, hay among other things provide a ripe environment for conversation that quickly leads you into cliché. There are too many for me to remember, but here are a few highlights.
These words were exchanged in real life:

What’s this crazy, whacky wire-gone-wild that Brent found on the ground? Hay wire

When building a fence, sometimes you just need to begin by putting a stake in the ground. We’re doing our best to make good fences to make good neighbors.

Michael has warned the children when playing by his house that it’s very easy to fall off a log.

There are more, but at this point in the rosé on a Saturday night with very little food in the belly and a long day of weed whacking fence lines, I’ve forgotten the others. Hay fever is a huge item at the moment. I’m sure Spring Chicken will crop up sooner or later. I suppose you might have others. If it’s farm related, I’ll bet we’ve used it in a non-cliché way.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Count Your Chickens

  1. shirley Hall-Roberts says:

    Just had an episode with Guinea Fowl. Even though I have trimmed their wings I have leant they can jump over the fence I have built and I found them heading out of the village on the road. My frnech neighbours being vey sympathetic all turned out to captue them and set them headed for home but on the way their was a wooded copse and a little pond which they escaped into. We then had to use my well trained retriever bitch Cosi (cousin to Tosca) to retrieve or route out the hidden birds. Cosi went down into the colvert into the very thick scrub and after a while emerged with pintard in mouth. She was then sent back in and she drove out the second pintard into the stacked wood where my neighbour was able to get the second pintard. Unfortunately the third Pintard either drowned in the muddy pond or escaped but has not been seen since. I have to say our French neighbours have been so kind and helpful – considering that one week ago one of my dogs fell through a rotten cover down an 18 meter well and all of them turned out to haul her out and now they have again used their expertise to help with the Guinea Fowl I am so lucky to be living here.

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