I Like To Moove It Moov It

I’m getting my video capabilities going. I mean sure, watching cows move is like watching paint dry and grass grow, but it’s what we do. Everyday the cows get a new slice of yummy, green munchables and they get all giddy working their way through the best bits. The cows patiently wait for Brent to signal the move with “cow cow.” We often reflect on the classic Knock-Knock that goes: Knock-Knock. Who’s there? Impatient cow. ImpatIent c- MOO! This particular move was a bit crazy. They were all smooth in the beginning, but soon found our trick. We like to stick to a rectangle of some description. Sometimes, land will challenge you with trees and lakes as this move has done. After this video the cows (the Mirandaise particularly … big white ones) explore their new boundaries. This slice is actually an ‘L.’ So if a cow is drinking in the little lake, they can see cows on the other side above the bank. The bank that has a serious right angle not to be passed were they to join the viewed friends. Of course that is exactly what they want to do. I’m quickly learning “cow psychology.” The girls were well behaved, but just to be sure, Brent did a quick fix that allowed them to pass up the bank to the other cows if they felt the urge. The day there has passed and they did a great job munching down the grass to fill their bellies.

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