I Got Out Today


Today I went to an artisanal fair with Lucy and her friend from school (That’s artisan not artesian). I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a lot like Eugene’s Saturday Market. Let’s just say there were a lot of crystals, yoga, organic this-n-that’s, foot massage and many artisans selling and displaying their work. But instead of really nice Pad Thai, you could get seriously amazing pastries. But bestest of all I found a rouge and a rosé from a vineyard called Zélie. The grower’s daughter is named Zélie. Yes, I should have bought a bottle, but I got a picture instead. Did I mention we’re peasant farmers?
Z Wine!
After a great stroll through the many, many stalls displaying nice quality goods, a nagging daughter at last satisfied her urge to buy. She wanted a wooden egg. It was a nice egg, I’ll give you that. After buying many versions of the equivalent “wooden egg” for the children, I can tell you now that said “wooden egg” becomes vacuum fodder within an hour of home arrival. So I decided that homegirl should get something in the same price range, but more useful … earrings! She absolutely loves them and I think she’ll look after them more than her previous choice.

After all that, we went off to lunch to another AMAZING find, Restaurant le Haka.

Yep You Read That Right

NZ Feather
Yep, somewhere in buttfuck France is a New Zealand bar. Though it had pictures of Africa inside, we knew that it had the heart of a Kiwi. And in the bathroom was this beauty. A Christmas Eve “hot wine” event (okay, mulled wine). Santa on his motorbike, saying “merry Christmas” to a buxom blonde in a twpdb. It is a poster so good they kept it around a year or so after the event. It must have been quite a shindig.
Bad Santa

Lucy Caught The Mop
We partook in a little funfare robbery at the sit-and-spin before heading home. Here’s the strategy with the go-round rides. They have this thing where they let the kids try to grab a raggy mop. Controlled by the dude running the ride, it bobs up and down and the kids go crazy trying to catch it. If your kid catches the mop, they get a free ride. Only here’s the catch: they target the mop at the kid with a friend. Suddenly, Lucy beams with excitement about her FREE ride and her friend begins to droop. But don’t fret, how can you let Lucy go around again without her friend? Wait, we’ll get a second mortgage on the house and buy her friend another ticket so everyone can have a little fun. Next ride, oh looky here, Lucy’s friend caught the mop! And it just goes on and on from there. Thankfully there was only a few children riding at this hour.  Some little toddler who couldn’t quite catch the mop after it was placed upon his head on three occasions was given the mop generously by Lucy’s friend after she caught it.


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