You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks and other little bits


( photo by B. Curtis )

I had heard that Tosca has had a run in or two with chickens.  We’ve always been careful with her around the chickens.  I bring her out with me and make sure she learns about their existence.  The chickens are getting a little nutty in CoopaCabana.  They totally love fresh bugs.  The last couple of nights I’ve been letting them out a bit before dusk for a roam.  Tonight, Tosca came out with me and I let the girls (and Kev of course) out right in front of her.  Tosca, the good girl she is, didn’t even look their way.  They encircled her while she carried on with her bunny hunting.  She is an amazing dog.  Poor thing had to get used to four crazy kids, one pampered cat, four barn kittens, big cows, big Malamute and now chickens running around.  I think she’s starting to feel ownership of her new space.  She doesn’t go too far.  She takes a dip in the lake.  She lays around in the shade.  She’s a good ol’ Pot with a happy life.

Today, in Farmville, Brent had a great day with the cows.   We spent a lot of time getting one of the cows up to the barn for a little day spa and she was being a total cow about it.  He lost his knife and was peed on by a calf.  A day in the life of a farmer.  A friend of ours, also a farmer and Scottish, happened to drop by and lend a hand.  In the end our latest calf was tagged and Brent made the call to leave the cow with the herd.  More importantly the knife was found.  We are also the proud owner of a new, very cool “tea towel.”  That means “dish towel” to you and me.

Laundry … don’t get me started on laundry (there are six of us you know!).  I’m out of socks.  I haven’t had socks for a few days.  I know they’re there somewhere, but my socks don’t seem to be surfacing in the mile high laundry pile.  So, I wear my brown Blunnies without socks.  And let me tell you, they’re like extended feet.  Very comfy.  No smell.  I totally love them.  I will get my socks on again someday … hopefully very soon, but life without socks at the moment has been tolerable.

My dishwasher is broken.  Our friend Kevin would find this a totally tragedy and probably take it to Dishwasher ER if he could find one.  I’m not that attached.  I almost enjoy the quaintness of washing up by hand.  But if the damn thing doesn’t get fixed soon I may resort to one pot meals and lots of forks.
jean cooks by brent

( photo by B. Curtis )

Brent took some cool photos of our staircase. Many sausages were burned unintentionally to get that smoky sunbeam effect. It was that vicious barn cat purring under the stool that made my cooking go awry.

( photo by B. Curtis )

But the bestest thing today was more progress on Brent’s farmer’s tan.  We actually both suffer from this occupational hazard.  I’ve never seen Brent SO TAN!  But only on the forearm, neck and facey bits.

kitten pile!

Kitten PileThis is how the kittens are dealing with the heat.  They snug up into a little pile to keep warm.

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