Puzzle Me This

bale puzzle

With hay, you watch the weather oh so closely. You have to run through the field a few times with your tractor processing it in several ways with big ass tools. This occurs over a few days without rain to allow the hay to dry properly. You (Brent actually) cut it, “fluff” it, rake it and then rake it again. All the while sitting in your tractor munching on tractor cookies. When all is processed in neat little rows, you bale it with your fancy baler if you had forty-thousand Euros that you spent on such fancy machinery. OR you get your neighbor to bale it for some price per bale. I didn’t make the hay, so I can’t really say much beyond that. But here’s where we’re at. You see, after the hay is baled in cute little round balls, you let it sit there for a few days to dry out and then you move it. You move it so that the next cut of hay can grow. But see, if you’re just starting out and getting your equipment in order, sometimes things don’t always work out. To move hay of this size and shape, you need a pique balle which in English is some word that means prongy pointy bits on the front of your tractor. The pique balle that Brent ordered came to us in time to move the hay, but the pique balle dude got the wrong size and so we waited and waited for the proper one to arrive. In the mean time, despite this crazy drought we’re having, our next cut of hay grew and grew. And here we are with bales of hay in a green field. It’s a bit embarrassing. Our brown-hay-on-green-field has also been recorded officially by a street-view car which adds insult to injury. Fields are like a giant canvas. Each one critiqued by your neighbor as they figure out what the hell you’re doing over there. We’ve managed to leak out the deal with the bales so we not perceived as dorks. News travels fast which should keep everyone in the loop. When we first moved here, in a crazy game of rumor telephone, a few people in the commune seem to think we’re from SOUTH America. This is how we handle hay bales in South America.

hay by brent

(photo by b. curtis)

The second cut of hay is just about ready. There are hay bales in the way. And quickly we get to a puzzle I know I’ve played before when I subscribed to Games magazine. Move the lumpy, brown objects off the green field and line them up in a row. Do this with the fewest lines possible as to not ruin your hay. Brent has a plan, so we’ll see how it goes. I won’t spoil it by giving you his answer. Put your geek hat on and think what you would do. Oh yes and the pique balle has arrived and it fits like a glove!

Tree by brent(photo by b. curtis and I think it’s great!)

3 thoughts on “Puzzle Me This

  1. bc in France says:

    My plan is to mow, and as I get to a bale move it to the side. That way I am driving over mown alfalfa (ok) instead of standing alfalfa (bad). Although I can’t mow until it stops raining. And I don;t want it to stop raining because we need the rain.

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