Vines Be Gone

mean looking tool

The vines at last are going bye-bye.  It was a long and complicated set of papers, but their time here is up.  They were going to be removed a month or so ago, but the drought made it damn near impossible to rip anything out.  June has been wet, thankfully, which makes vine ripping and fencing actionable.  Vine ripper outer man has a caterpillar machine with a mean looking tool on the end.  He runs down each row pushing them to the end into a little ball of vine, post and wire.

good soil

The dude said we could pull the posts out if we want to, which we will try to take advantage of.  Those piles look like free warm to me or kick-ass fence posts.  Brent was excited to see that the soil that is surfacing looks healthy.  Though one thing noticed was lack of worms.  The vines departure is great progress for us.  Now we can move forward with our infrastructure.  We have water lines to lay, wiring to hook up, and lanes to build.  The vines are totally beautiful, but also totally in our way.  I’m glad that there are vines all around us to keep reminding us of wine and Armagnac land.

Brent had a quick chat to the vine ripping outer guy who was really nice. The dude had to do a full cab turn to get to the right window for him to open to have a chat. The big metal fingers of death swiveled past Brent. A bit unexpected, but good photo op.

Brent saying hello

2 thoughts on “Vines Be Gone

  1. Wes cherry says:

    Lack o worms could likely be copper poisoning from years of application of Bordeaux Mixture as an anrifungal and insecticide on the grapes. Might be worth getting your soil tested…

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