kids at the disco

Once again Brent and I have been out partied by an uncustomary age bracket.  The first time was at the local fête in our last village.  Live music, plenty of booze, the night was young.  The kids were occupied.  We’re surrounded by the seventy and eighty year old crowd.  All were cutting a rug to the tunes of peppy-french-social-dance music.  Brent and I danced and danced until Brent hit the wall and had to go.  I stayed for a bit after with Lucy.  Then, at one in the morning, I glanced over at my right and told Madame eighty-year-old that I was tuckered out and headed for home.  She gave me a smile, pat me on my shoulder and then popped out to the dance floor for another round of French polka.

Last Friday, was another one of those moments.  Lucy’s school merged with Otto and Minty’s school to do a dance / sing / raffle event.  In France, it’s called a Tombola.  We arrived at 6:30.  Otto and Minty did their dance outside which ended with the class walking hand and hand into the event hall.  Lucy took the stage with her class and performed (wait for it) a Modern dance!  Modern dance for those “not in the know” is a form of dance about movement and expression escaping the rigorous structure of ballet and the like.  It’s not something you’d expect your eight year old to perform at an end of the year shin dig.  There were no introductions.  There was no speech about all the hard work the staff had put in this past year.  There was no plea for money.  It was all about the kids, their dancing and their singing.  I’m still aghast that my daughter and her class got all modern dancey.  It was wonderful.
The evening went along and the kids finished their performance.  It was Tombola time followed by an Apero (that’s shorthand French for l’apéritif which means sweet drinks, whisky and little nibbles).  Brent realized too late that the kool-aid substance in the white container was actually a Kir (cassis and white wine).  On and empty stomach and a full day of farming, well, he got a little giddy.  Let me remind you that this is a kid event and it’s now 9pm or so, dinner is still not served.  We at last sit around 10pm for our first course (I really love this place!).  the dinner wasn’t fancy, but it tasted fantastic.  After a few courses the Disco began and the kids danced like nuts.  The adults sipped wine and watched the fun.  We still awaited cheese, dessert and coffee.  It’s not quite midnight, but very close.  Brent didn’t make coffee.  He took Lucy home while I chatted with some parents and waited for Minty and Otto to tell me they’re ready to go … and waited … and waited … okay! Can we go now ?????? Minty, thankfully said that I could go. Whew.  My head hit the pillow at 2pm.  I was out partied by my 4 and 6 year old.  The kids had a total blast.  France really knows how to throw a good family fun evening.

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