Somwhere, Somehow …

somehow, somewhere

… a chicken is watching.  I know, I know, it’s my own damn fault.

In one of those crazy gender typified ways, I’ve found myself cooking more.  Back in our yuppie years, our cooking and child rearing was split as we were both working for TheMan™.  Brent is the real cook in the family.  Though I do enjoy a good grill.  You put us on a farm, a young family of six and suddenly we slot into a scene from yester-year.  The man does tractor work and cow moves.  Two things you can’t do with a baby.  I did drive the tractor once and it was fantastic.  Though it was a lot slower than my Porsche and doesn’t handle as well on corners.

chook, cat, pup

I’ve been cooking and trying to move into this old house we live in, tidy up the farm and prepare for a very cold winter.  I also tend the chickens and small animals.  The animals like their crunchy bagged “croquettes” ( as they call them in France ), but they REALLY like the bits and pieces of offcuts that come from the kitchen.  As I work through the recipes of my new favorite cookbook, Nigel Slater Appetite, I’ve started to collect a furry and feathery fan club.  Around dinnertime, I begin to see chickens pacing, kittens mewing and a puppy trying to play with the crowd.   So, yes, I toss out little scraps and the crowd goes wild.  The kittens pounce making the most amazing growling sound that has been dubbed “feeding the piranha.”  The chickens grab what they can get and run off in their comical chickeny way.  The puppy does the best he can not to get growled at by Tosca.  She is the queen of all things edible.  It was all going well until I underestimated the cognition of the chicken.  It turns out, they are slightly brighter than goldfish.  And so, my amiable gesture has fueled their stalking tendencies.  They take naps by the kitchen.  Today, they ate my much cared for lettuce.  I just about started chopping onions for Nigel’s chicken curry recipe, but they do lay eggs well which saved them.

Who the heck is that white puppy?

legend with mud smudge

This is Legend.  Our newest edition to our domestic animal clan.  He’s a Pyrenean Mountain Dog.  He’s also a real sweet pup.

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