OH Hi!


Nothing brings home the fact that you have four kids like summer vacation. Cute little blog blurbs gone by the wayside as Brent and I move to “zone defense” mode. Let me tell you here and now. When you have four little kids

1) you no longer dice your onions
2) the “idle parent” is your M.O.
3) email turn around can sometimes be days
4) sit-still-and-read rooms are essential

In the interest of catching up, here’s where we’re at …

swimming in the water dish
The kids have now graduated from FredMeyer Rubbermaid splash pool cuz mom-is-a-paranoid-freak about pools and young kids, to a water dish for cows. The big mooey girls use a large, blue plastic tub for their water. We bought a back-up dish should anything go wrong. The kids fill it up and splash and play during our hot months. This keeps me on pool arrest for an hour or so. I like to time it in the early evening, before dinner so I can grab a book and a little Floc to pass the time. Sitting down with the workload we have takes some convincing. The kids usually spend an hour splashing. I run off and make dinner after they’re done. We eat. Then they go for a late evening splash. It’s been a great summer so far.

The cows got a pedicure. Each year, the toenails of our herd need to be cut. Brent and I like to keep things real and are wondering how this would happen were they roaming free in the wild. In the meantime, the nail man will come around and make sure their nails are trimmed and clean. Once we get the cow race and squeeze gate setup in our buildings, I’m thinking I might take on resident nail trimmer lady. It involves the use of a power tool which is always a plus.


Pulled pork made with really good pork is intense. Brent butchered a pig a few months ago. It’s a “Noir de Bigorre.” A tastey black pig of the region. It turns out that American pulled pork has more to do with the BBQ sauce than the pork. I made this beauty of a dish the other night and the flavor of the pork upstaged the BBQ sauce. I could have used way less sauce. BUT … I think it tasted great. Should you try pulled pork at home, keep in mind the quality of your pig. The higher the quality, the less sweet saucey distraction is needed.


Broody hen has found her calling. Our neighbors popped by to let us know they had some kittens that were born that day and did we want some. We told them that we were at full-kitten-count so we couldn’t take on any more. They also had twelve baby chickens that they needed to find a home for. We immediately said that we’d take them! After waiting twenty days for little Broody to hatch her eggs only to loose them all to magpies and rats on day twenty-one, we were pleased to bring some chicks to the farm. Brent went over to get them a week or so later. Twelve little peeping birds arrived. We stuck them in Chicken Tiki with Broody. For three days she was a grumpy, old hag pecking at them and grumping at their presence. The chicks were persistent. On day four, Brent and I peeked in and little Ms. Broody was cuddled in with the silly little chicks. Her wings spread wide to keep them warm, she sat tall protecting them. Day five we let them out in a netted area. She would scratch a bit of soil and the chicks would come running to peck out the grubs, bugs and worms. Today, she is out and about teaching them how to be a chicken. Kevin and the other chickens sometimes come close to investigate. Broody puffs up big and chases them off protecting her family. She’s a good mum.


Nana arrived! She brought a pile of Lego for Otto. He took the lot, ran off to his room and surfaced hours later with amazing Ninja and Atlantis creations. He’s a Lego junky.

Minty got a haircut.  She looks WAY cute.  Nuff said.



4 thoughts on “OH Hi!

  1. Jill B. says:

    Yay! We have been missing your posts! Minty looks great and your photos of black kitty and chicks are cute! Thanks for sharing your farm life.
    We in the city look forward to your snapshots of life in France. 😀 Jill B.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      The black kitty is CandyShop. Minty named him. She was going through a “candyshop” phase in which all animals stuffed and living had the pleasure of carrying that name. CandyShop climbs very high into the trees.

  2. Gladys says:

    oh the passing of her curls !! I’m sure it’s way easier for her in warm summer and you for maintenance. !! Miss you all so much and occasionally grieve not seeing some of the stages of these outstanding kiddo’s growing up !! Waaaaaaaaaaaay excited for your trip and to meet the Zelie Queen

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