But Where’s The Duck Meat?

started or finished?
I think Michael summed it up best as: the first meal he’s had where the beginning and the end looked exactly the same.  The family went to the local fête for dinner and fun.  We really enjoy these events.  It’s a chance to meet people in our village as well as their families.  It’s also a chance to let loose and boogie on the dance floor.  The event feels very much like a wedding reception without the wedding part.  There is always live music.  Tonight’s feast offered great tastes of the region featuring specifically “demoiselle de canard.”  What is that?  Larousse Gastronomique offered no help.  Brent and Michael provided a quick translation for “demoiselle.”  Yeah boys, I figured that one out.  What will we be EATING?  The best way to understand demoiselle de canard is to experience it.  To describe it would not do the dish justice.  Our animated dining neighbors said that it was a Gascon specialty (Michael researched it earlier so it must be true).  What do you do with the ducks that have no breasts, no legs and no fatty liver?  You roast them with salt and pepper to create a little meaty treasure hunt.  I totally enjoyed it and I think I knocked off at least six boney units.

mike mic
i don't know

Throughout the evening, two people sang very well.  Popular French hits (and a few in English) were seriously audible along with the people dining as they sang along.  The entire room, young and old belting out Bad Romance was a moment I will not forget. Michael had fun and then made faces.  Brent’s mum managed to get two kids to sleep while waiting for the actual meat of the duck to arrive.  Otto ran around like a nut (that’s him holding a gun next to the singing lady. Sigh.   But please note, all the kids run around like that at these events.  It’s all part of the fun.).  Brent took Lucy to the disco.  Sadly, Brent and I never grabbed our opportunity to boogie.  Too many sleeping kids and early mornings.  A man wearing a beret offered me a splash of Armagnac.  I accepted without hesitation.
otto and the girls

a man, a béret, armagnac


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