A Lesson From Ms Teen UK

bacon butty

When life gives you bacon and white bread, make a Bacon Butty!

I had NEVER heard of such a creation.  I seem to remember Brent’s childish, cheeky smile when he spoke of a “chip butty.”  Of course the whole time I’m thinking he said “chip buddy.”  What’s all this about a butty? or a “sarnie?” Crazy ferners, why can’t they come with subtitles. The dish is simple.

Soft white bread



<insert buddy ingredient>

Ms Teen UK buttered her bread and carefully placed the bacon.  After that, she applied the ketchup.  Evidently it’s hugely delicious, as I had to ask her to slow down so I could grab a photo.  Now if you want to make a “chip butty,”  then replace the bacon with some “chips”  (okay that’s FRIES to you and me).
bacon butty innards
… also note the paint on her fingers.  This girl worked hard at the farm!

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