He’s Digging The Digger

the pelle
Kevin is working …. I mean visiting!  The kids are having a lot of fun showing Kevin the new stuff on the farm.  Kevin at last got to meet Kevin ( the cockerel ).  We’ll have to get a snap of them together I think.
minty dumps the dirt

Kevin emerged from a jet lagged fog and ran over to the pelle with Brent to get that baby going.  Today, he dug.  And dug.  And then fell asleep or as Minty put it “we played lego with Kevin and he slept!”  But he woke up and dug some more with the kids.  Kevin would do the diggy bits and then Otto or Minty would dump the dirt.  They thought that was pretty darn cool.  I can remember Greenlake playground having a digger toy in the sandpit.  I spent many minutes waiting in line so Otto could get a turn.  Why they installed just one digger in a giant sandpit, I’ll never know.  We have our own digger now and I think the fun is just beginning.  Let’s hope we don’t cut through any main water pipes or electricity.

kevin and the kids

2 thoughts on “He’s Digging The Digger

  1. maggie says:

    forget the digger give Kevin a shovel!!! as my Dad would say ‘its far from diggers you were reared’

    Well done Jean, i was recently introduced to your blog by some travellers from Aussieland ……… ask Kevin!

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