How Broody Got Her Groove Back

broody and kevin

This week on As The Peep Turns …

Broody, the youngest white Sussex, has completed what she set out to do. The chicks are old enough to fight for their very own right to party. She hung out with them to keep their spirits high, but she knew her job here was done. When the chickens were shut in two nights ago, it was us who felt surprised not to see her all snugged in with her brood. Inside, she was missing her one true love. Lucy had seen Broody hanging around Kevin that day.  Little miss Broody was strutting around all fancy getting Kevin’s attention WITHOUT her chicks!  And just like that, she was over chillin’ in CoopaCabana with Kevin and his bitches. Her little stepchicks can leave the nest now and see what life and grasshoppers have to offer.  Sadly, life offered death to two of them and one who is now named “Gimpy.”

a new beginning

broody 2

In other news, Broody Two has been quietly tucked away in one of the barns sitting on six eggs. After the twelve egg massacre that poor Broody had to endure, the chicks have not been counted before they hatch. This morning when Otto and I were tending to farm things, we heard a little “peep.” One little chick emerged from an egg. It turns out, our dear Kevin is more than just a pretty face.

peep peep

One thought on “How Broody Got Her Groove Back

  1. ceciliag says:

    That is a fantastic shot of the little chick hatching.. i never get to see it, my chickens just appear around the corner with peepers in tow.. how sweet.. kevin is a perfect name for a rooster!!!

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