The Power of Lard

pig fat

I’m a closet lard eater. I learned early on that it’s not wise to bring it up in conversation. I can defend the innocent monounsaturated vitamin D source as “just like olive oil but better.” Yet, this never goes over well and we descend into a whirlwind of saturated fat is bad m’kay. Pork fat is bad. But it isn’t. Lard is everything fake lard aspires to be (yeah I’m talkin’ to you, Crisco). It’s lovely stuff that makes very good things more good. If you happen to buy a pig from a farmer and help butcher it and pop it in your freezer, you end up with a lot of potential lard. I had rendered a batch here and there in the oven while simultaneously burning crackling. Yet, there’s still more fat to render. Today, I went whole hog and rendered the lot. I did a stovetop method with a splash of water. It took most of the day. I have a napping baby and plenty of work to do on the farm so a bubbling pot of pig fat adds to the thrill of it all.


white gold

Working with pig fat feels like soap. As I chopped it into cubes, I was accompanied by two loyal hounds and a crotchety old cat. Their roles as cat, dog and puppy abandoned as they united in their love of pork.

loyal hounds

7 thoughts on “The Power of Lard

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Ooooooooh the recipes are endless. Obviously pie crust is THE best with lard. Potatoes are a perfect match for lard. It goes on and on.

      You see, I’m one of those meat eaters that likes to know that meat comes from animals. More specifically, I like to know exactly where they come from and how they were fed and how they were finished. I suppose that’s why we’re on to what we’re on to.

      Now, the Chinese … they LOVE lard. Lard has very little pork flavor and all the perfect qualities to make outstanding chinese food. hmmm. I better get on it…

  1. ceciliag says:

    we are going to be raising a couple of well fed pigs next year for the freezer then i will be back to talk lard with you.. we always roasted our potatoes in lard when we were kids.. in NZ we called it Fat (laugh) or dripping. This is such a brave post.. I love it.. c

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