You Gotta Have Friends

It’s been a morning. We’re at the end of summer. Lucy, Otto and Minty are beginning to run out of good vibrations. My youngetst most perfectest baby has decided that one nap is the new two naps and while Daddy is away she’s going to stay up through the morning and afternoon thank you very much. But the kids are getting along now, Zélie is sleeping and the cows are beginning their afternoon munch after a looooong rumination. You can start to feel fall in the air.

my new tea towel!

Michael is back with a new band member! But more importantly with his addition of a superb tea towel (see dish towel) I think I’m now beginning my new collection of superb tea towels. Our Scottish farmer friend started it all with a lovely little number including bagpipes. Michael’s contribution is … well … I’m speechless. It wasn’t long ago that success was measured in the production of your very own action figure. It would come out lifelike and looking just like you. Now, I think I’ve got my fame set on tea towels. It’s great to have Munson and Michael back on the farm along with Gustav (the new band member).

Kevin has shoveled shit. I’m feeling the need to create some sort of “I shoveled shit on Brent and Jean’s farm” t-shirt as a little parting gift for visitors. His shit shoveling will be much enjoyed, as this is the spot for our veggie garden. Now that I’m not pregnant or moving house or nursing a newborn or remodeling or starting a business or helping Brent get a cow herd on the farm or fencing, I can start our veggie garden. It’s close, but not too close to the house. There is shelter from wind. Water is close by. I think it’s going to be great. We have another patch much further away that I’m hoping to use for large sprawling things. The shit Kevin has shoveled is aged cow dung from a year and a bit ago. You should see the life in that shit!!!

… Zélie discovers the magic of windwos
z discovers a window

…. k. gotta run, the kids are saying that there’s a wiggly, snakey thing in the house or it could be a lizard … eek! also, very important- how many fingers do Smurfs have!? Back to work!

4 thoughts on “You Gotta Have Friends

  1. sahmjs says:

    Lol. You gotta love kids! So what was it they found in the house?
    ps-As a parent you’ll appreciate this resource – The Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( It’s got great tips on how to avoid cavities and has helped make teethbrushing fun for our 4 year old – not an easy task!

  2. Jane says:

    My favorite Fall garden planting is garlic. Put it in at the end of Sept or early Oct.They love a rich bed and because it’s Fall/Winter you don’t have to water or anything. It will produce tons of garlic for you in early July, maybe late June in your area.

  3. ceciliag says:

    Oh worms in the proverbial.. that is splendid, i love the shot of baby looking at you through the glass.. and jane above has reminded me to get ready to put in my garlic.. your garden will be great next year with all the prep you are doing now.. we were making compost today too, hauling it out of the chook house, the compost pile is as high as the tractor and mixed with all kinds and I wonder how I would have done it without a tractor!! c

  4. Susan Lea says:

    I’ve been following Brent’s blog, but somehow had missed the connection to yours until the direct link in his latest post. I went all the way back to the beginning and read your entire blog. I love it! I love your point of view & your humorous take on life.

    We lived in France for 11 years, and so many things resonate. I agree about Ikea’s drawers! And people in our area said “sapaing,” too. I used to imitate the accent by saying, “Je m’appelle Alaing, je mange du paing.” Sigh!

    Now we’ve started farming, though just for ourselves, and we didn’t know a thing about it, either!

    That is an adorable shot of Zélie, by the way!

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